Peregrine Passage

Peregrine Passage is a screenplay for a short film.

The film takes place in the near future. A single woman astronaut, nicknamed The Spike, and disliked by colleagues for her smug, know-it-all demeanor, is sent out on a mission to Mars, but suspects the real purpose of her assignment is to make first contact with extra-terrestrials. The Spike’s guess is confirmed when her flight to Mars is intercepted by representatives of the Zarken, a friendly alien species, who claim they already populate Mars, and request not to be colonized. The Zarken communicate telepathically, asking to “hivemind” with the Spike. Sensing her diplomatic obligation, The Spike agrees. No longer protected by the filter of private thoughts, however, The Spike loses focus on her mission, and the Zarken become a captive audience as she turns to them for long-overdue therapy. In an effort to represent humanity’s greatness, The Spike succeeds only in representing the inherent flaws of her own humanity.

Peregrine Passage, by Sharon Porter

The following images are mock-ups for the film’s website. Production of the film is not planned.